Tips to Tooth Abrasion

Sound magnificent white teeth are unquestionably a benefit and surely improve one’s facial excellence. For understanding that flawless million dollar grin, notwithstanding, one needs to take after a legitimate dental cleanliness regimen. The individuals who don’t do as such, are destined to wind up with recolored and harmed teeth. While brushing and flossing teeth unquestionably help in keeping up that impeccable grin, it is critical that you utilize a decent quality toothbrush. Brushing your teeth enthusiastically, particularly with a hard-swarmed toothbrush is one slip-up that you should never make. Tooth scraped spot, which is a dental issue that is portrayed by loss of polish covering or loss of tooth structure because of rubbing, is regularly a self-beset dental issue that emerges when one doesn’t utilize an appropriate toothbrush or enjoys enthusiastic brushing. Erosion from the hard abounds can antagonistically influence the veneer covering of the teeth. Look down to discover more on what causes this dental issue and how it can be dealt with.

Loss of Enamel Coating of Teeth


As mentioned earlier, the loss of enamel coating occurs when teeth are subjected to frictional forces. Enamel is the white coating that covers the crown. Underneath the enamel coating lies calcified tissue called dentin. Dentin protects the pulp or the inner part of the tooth that contains connective tissues, blood vessels and nerves. When one brushes his/her teeth vigorously with a hard-bristled toothbrush, the enamel coating of the teeth, especially around the gum line, starts wearing away. At times, friction from the abrasives used in the toothpaste may also be responsible for causing abrasion. While mild abrasives are an important ingredient of a toothpaste, as it helps in getting rid of the deposits on teeth, strong abrasives, however, may harm the enamel. Even dental devices that may be scraping against the teeth would also cause this dental problem. Those who frequently use toothpicks may see damaged enamel between their teeth. The loss of enamel causes dentin to be exposed and this makes the teeth very sensitive.

Bruxism, which refers to the habit of grinding or clenching teeth, could also make one susceptible to loss of enamel coating. Clenching or grinding of teeth subjects them to a lot of pressure and definitely leads to a loss of enamel coating at the edges. Parents must make sure that children don’t have a habit of grinding teeth or biting into hard objects like pencils or pens. These habits can certainly have an adverse impact on one’s dental health. Besides abrasion, there are other dental problems that can damage the enamel coating of the teeth. Tooth attrition refers to the gradual loss of enamel that occurs as we age. This is mainly caused due to tooth-to-tooth contact that occurs as we chew food. Tooth erosion, on the other hand, is mainly caused due to consumption of foods that are acidic in nature. Tobacco, caffeinated drinks and aerated beverages are quite harmful for teeth and one must refrain from excessive consumption of such foods and beverages.


The treatment of this dental problem would vary depending on the extent of damage caused by the mechanical or frictional forces. First of all, one must be very careful while brushing teeth. Since, using a hard-bristled toothbrush would cause a lot of harm, these must never be used. One must also use a very good quality fluoride toothpaste that helps in protecting the teeth. The way you brush your teeth is also very important. Do your gums bleed when brushing teeth? Well, various gum problems can occur due to improper brushing technique. The angle at which the bristles are placed along with gum line and the pressure applied on the teeth must be correct. If the bristles of the toothbrush start bending very soon, then it’s time you change the way you brush your teeth. Those who unconsciously grind their teeth, must use mouth guards in order to prevent damage to the enamel.

If your teeth are looking discolored or have a yellowish tinge, make it a point to consult a dentist. Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that aims at restoration of teeth and correcting defects. Resin composites, glass ionomers or any other type of dental filling can be used for covering the part of the tooth that may have been affected by abrasion or erosion. Since loss of enamel often causes gum and tooth sensitivity, one may also need to use a toothpaste or gel specifically meant for sensitive gums and teeth. Since, saliva helps in maintaining the pH balance in the mouth and facilitates remineralization of tooth enamel, people suffering from decreased production of saliva, must also consult a doctor.

If discolored teeth have become a cause of serious concern for you and your teeth also seem to be losing the white enamel coating, consult a dentist soon. Pay attention to dental hygiene and follow the guidelines given by your dentist so that you are never robbed of your beautiful million dollar smile.