Deep Cleaning of Teeth

unduhan-10To keep away from gum maladies from advancing, your dental specialist may encourage you to experience profound cleaning. This strategy helps in the evacuation of unsafe, dangerous microscopic organisms that have the ability to bring about tooth misfortune. The accompanying article gives data about the reasons why this method is vital, and how it is performed.

Many of us, despite maintaining good oral hygiene, end up with plaque, tartar, and calculus around the teeth. There are many crevices, inter-dental spaces, and other such areas in the mouth where it is not possible to brush and clean with the help of the bristles of a toothbrush. This is one of the main reasons why it is important to visit the dentist every six months. If we do not maintain proper dental hygiene and delay the visit to the dentist, then we may land up with gum and periodontal diseases. To treat such conditions, the first step that the periodontist will take is advise you to go for deep cleaning of teeth. This procedure is performed by a periodontist or a dental hygienist. Given below are the details regarding the importance and procedure of this cleaning procedure.

Why is Deep Teeth Cleaning Necessary?
As mentioned above, the main reason why people need to get their teeth cleaned by a professional is because there is often deep seated plaque and calculus that is not removed while brushing. It is this deep seated calculus that leads to initial symptoms like bleeding gums when brushing and swollen gums around tooth. If the teeth and gums are not cleaned at this stage, then it may lead to a full blown periodontal disease, and problems like receding gums. Not everyone requires this cleaning procedure and it is performed on people who have poor dental health or who have a tendency of developing periodontal diseases.

How is Deep Teeth Cleaning Done?
Deep cleaning of the surface of teeth consists of two parts – scaling and root planing. Scaling is what is done on the visible surface of the tooth structure, that is, on the crown surface. Root planing is done in cases where the gums have receded and the root surface is exposed in the oral cavity. Exposed root surfaces make teeth sensitive to heat and cold, and therefore it is of utmost importance to ensure that proper root planing is done. This is because if there is accumulation of plaque or tartar in the space between the lining of the gums and the tooth/root surface, it leads to loss of attachment. This may lead to further recession or loosening of the gum lining and attachment and formation of what is known as a periodontal pocket. If a pregnant woman is affected by periodontal pockets, then it is best to avoid deep cleaning of teeth during pregnancy, unless it is the second trimester. Also if the woman is experiencing immense pain and discomfort due to the plaque and calculus, then she may undergo this procedure.

Initially, the dentist may or may not administer local anesthesia, depending on the depth of the pocket, state of oral hygiene, need and condition of patient, pain threshold of patient, etc. If the calculus and accumulated tartar is very deep seated, then there is need for local anesthesia. However, once the anesthesia is injected, the area becomes numb and cleaning may begin. This procedure can be done manually, that is with the help of scalers, or it can be done with the help of an ultrasonic machine. This will again depend on the patient and his need. In the end, the entire area is cleared of any plaque and calculus that may be present around the tooth or in the gums. After a while, the person may have slight sensitivity in his teeth for a while but this goes away with time.

The cost of this cleaning procedure ranges from anywhere between USD 400 to USD 1500. Deep cleaning of roots and teeth is an important procedure that can prevent the need for tooth extraction in the case of a person who is not bothered about maintaining his oral health or taking measures towards dental care. So, to prevent your chances of landing in this situation, it is best to visit the dentist regularly and keep your teeth in perfect condition.