Are Some Spinning Bikes Better Than Others?

Spinning bikes are gaining popularity with many people who are trying to get into better physical shape. They are an improvement on the older stationary bikes and are more likely to be used regularly. But, the success of these spinning bikes for a person’s physical fitness program depends on the bike being the correct model. Before purchasing an indoor spinning bike, a person should do a bit of research. One online rating site,, has done the research and testing for everyone. A person can go online and read the reviews of many different models to find the right bike at the right price for their needs.

Why Do Spinning Bikes Differ?

Different manufacturers make many models of indoor spinning bikes geared to various levels of expertise and needs of the end users. Not all spinning bikes are created equal. Some are better quality, some have more features and settings. Going to online rating sites is a good way to research many models without having to go to retail locations to try them all out. Most manufacturers have several models designed for different price points and for different levels of exercising. A beginner needs a different spinning bike than a trainer or more experienced rider. Also, different people have health problems that affect their use of spinning bikes. A person might purchase a model designed for beginners and progress to the point where they trade the first bike in for a more advanced model to meet their new needs.

Some Top Rated Models

These are a few top rated models of spinning bikes to consider:

  • The Indoor Cycle Trainer made by Sunny Health & Fitness. This is a good indoor spinning bike for beginners. It has many different settings and is a good value.
  • The Spinning Spinner S1. This indoor cycling bike if meant more for the casual spinner and has all the basic features plus four DVDs on spinning and spinning routines. This bike is not the best choice for people who are under 5 foot 5 inches in height.
  • The Sole Fitness SB700 indoor exercise bike is for more experienced bikers and trainers. It is easy to use and durable. It has an easy to read digital readout screen to keep track of calories burned, speed, and distance.

There are many other models to review and choose between. For additional information on spinning bikes go to the website.